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Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

Kraig R.

Lost 97 lbs and 17% bodyfat in 12 weeks

"Divided Labs coaching is a top notch establishment! I enjoy my training and have noticed an improvement in my nutrition, weight lifting, and overall health. They utilize a body scan and other data to create a strategy tailored to your body in order to get you to your goals."

-Kraig R.

Ashley S.

Ashley S. lost 13% body fat in 12 weeks

"Connor's coaching helped me develop a more flexible approach that easily integrates into MY lifestyle. It's sustainable and enjoyable. In just 12 weeks he's helped me pack on lean muscle, lose body fat, and improve my strength. I can say with certainty he has changed the game for me."

-Ashley S.

Thomas A.

Thomas A. lost 8% bodyfat in 12 weeks

"Divided Labs coaches are very knowledgeable and take the time to break things down in way where it's easy for anyone at any fitness level to understand! I would highly recommend Divided Labs if you're looking to take your training and nutrition to the next level!"

-Thomas A.

Liliana R.

Liliana R. lost 7% body fat in 12 weeks

"I made weight for the first time in my Powerlifting meet and without the stress or anxiety I had in the past. I also hit new PR’s on squat and deadlift at my new LOWER BODYWEIGHT. Most importantly, I have a better relationship with food and have more control than I’ve ever had with the new habits my coach helped me create. I RECOMMEND DIVIDED LABS TO ANYONE, from beginners to the elite. Best decision ever."

-Liliana R.

Matt S.

Matt S. lost 9% bodyfat in 12 weeks

"I have done countless fitness programs throughout the years, but nothing has ever been sustainable. My coach is a genius and is allowing me not only to see results, but to sustain those results. He is the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever met and has given me the confidence and tools to continue on the days when we are not training one-on-one. I'm Divided Labs newest biggest fan!"

-Matt S.

Emily L.

Emily L. lost 12% bodyfat in 12 weeks

"My coach is amazing! I was looking around for a trainer and I immediately connected with her. Whenever I have a question she responds right away which I really appreciate. I would HIGHLY recommend training with Divided Labs. The Divided Labs Coach app is awesome too. It’s really easy to follow along and syncs with my Fitbit and MyFitnessPal account. I like the community they’ve built and I’m happy to be a part of it."

-Emily L.

Scott V.

Scott V. lost 6% bodyfat in 12 weeks

"I had planned on visiting three different personal trainers to start a fitness program and started my search at Divided Labs Fitness Coaching. After meeting with a coach, I signed up on the spot and looked no further. I couldn't be happier with my decision. My trainer put together an exercise and nutrition program designed specifically for me and was very careful to work around an injury I'm recovering from. My Divided Labs coach obviously loves what he does and it shows in the way he motivates without judging."

-Scott V.

Kelly H.

Kelly H. lost 10% bf in 12 weeks

"The Divided Labs program and app are very user friendly and a very easy way of keeping track of workouts. My trainer is my personal coach and she is very knowledgeable and helpful with any questions or concerns that I may have. She is very quick to give you corrective actions if something needs to be adjusted. I couldn’t ask for a better program to help me reach my goals!"

-Kelly H.

Victor I.

Victor I. lost 5% bodyfat in 12 weeks

"When I first decided to join Divided Labs I had doubt because of past experiences with other coaches. My goal was to lose fat and build muscle at the same time and I was not sure if that was possible. I also did not want to stress over food every day like I was. I can now say that I haven't been this stress free from food in my adult life and am seeing incredible results! Would definitely recommend Divided Labs Fitness Coaching to anyone!"

-Victor I.

Laura M.

Laura M. lost 6% bf in 12 weeks

"I sought out Divided Labs due to their expertise with bodybuilding and figure competitions. This was by far the best training I've had for an upcoming show I was preparing for. My coach took the time to listen to my concerns, lifestyle, goals, and asked very thoughtful questions regarding different coaching programs. I am so pleased with the training, the communication, the app, the availability and the extra care my trainer gives his clients. If you are goal oriented like I am, I would highly recommend Divided Labs Fitness Coaching."

-Laura M.

Luke K.

Luke K. lost 8% bodyfat in 12 weeks

"The culture that these trainers create is invaluable. The coaches truly want you to achieve your fitness goals and they cheer you on the entire way. My coach is absolutely amazing and I cannot say enough about her. She’s the best at what she does, and nobody can do it quite like her."

-Luke K.

Maria H.

Maria H. lost 7% bf in 12 weeks

"Can I just say how amazing this app and personal trainers are? I love everything about it from the app to the coaching to the fitness family!! It's so detailed and easy to follow that you will never have an excuse again to not get a workout in!! It helps big time with keeping track of your workouts that it's like having a trainer with you at all times! I have tried so many and this is by far the BEST yet can't say it enough...I LOVE IT! Totally worth checking it out, you won't be disappointed."

-Maria H.

Ryan T.

Ryan T. lost 9% bodyfat in 12 weeks

"One of the things I appreciate most about my coach is his humility and that he relies on data and research in formulating his results-driven plans. In his hands, I feel like I have the absolute best chance at reaching my goals. One of the biggest benefits you receive in working with Divided Labs is weekly curated exercise plans, tailored especially for you and your goals. Can't recommend Divided Labs Fitness Coaching highly enough."

-Ryan T.

Abby S.

Abby S. lost 7% bf in 12 weeks

"I’ve been using the online coaching for a few weeks now and it’s awesome! Personal online coaching with my busy schedule allows me to still be able to get my workouts in without having to come up with them on my own. Helps me to have it all lined up and ready to go and the help of these trainers are a click away with any questions or advise I need!"

-Abby S.

Frankie C.

Frankie C. lost 125 lbs in 24 months

"I feel great and started to see results quickly in my body transformation! These coaches here are very inspirational and motivating to be around. They help you push when you are in doubt, they challenge you when you think you have nothing left, and they give nutritional advice from a health prospective to give your body what it needs. So if you are looking to change your life around to a better you, this is the place for you! The coaching is great!"

-Frankie C.

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